Goldfish: Wireless Rocket Igniter

As a project sponsored by CU’s rocketry club, COBRA (now CUSRL), I designed and built a wireless ignition system for high power rockets. When launching to over ten thousand feet, rockets get large enough that we need thousands of feet of standoff distance for safety. Rather than carry a large spool of wire, we decided to look into wireless ignition systems.


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Making A Knife

I’ve been wanting to make my own knives for a while now and decided it was time to just do it. Here’s what the finished product looks like.

Finished Knife

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Hohm Phone: Cell Phone for the Elderly

For my freshman projects class in the Fall of 2016, we were prompted with using some aspect of touch tone phones in a new way. Ultimately, my group decided on making a cell phone targeted at the elderly population, some of whom struggle to use miniaturized cell phones or much more complicated smartphones.

The primary goal of our project was to create a working cell phone with as similar an interface to old landlines as possible to simplify use.

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FPGA Reaction Timer

The purpose of this project was to gain experience with a field programmable gate array (FPGA) and design of digital logic through the creation of a reaction timer. This timer must be able to wait a random length of time before measuring how long a person takes to react to an LED turning on. The purpose of this delay is to prevent someone from simply pressing a start and stop button in quick succession without ever having to truly react to an event outside of their control.

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